Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Two-factor authentication and its types

Two-factor authentication is one of the most significant methods to defend your accounts. Though, currently some authentication processes similar to SMS have come in fire for being susceptible to hackers that overcomes the point of somewhat you know and somewhat you have.
At the same time as we have a discussion about two-factor authentication or 2FA as even if it was a sole characteristic, it really comes in a diversity of flavors involving email codes, SMS codes, authenticator applications for your device, or yet a hardware key. If you employ SMS right away, do not fright; any type of 2FA is well again than having nothing.
The basic thought behind 2 factor authentication is to employ somewhat you know (your password) and somewhat you include (your phone, for instance). Validation apps—similar to our preferred, Authy—revolve your phone into somewhat you have without linking anybody else down the way.
When you primarily place it up, your account generates a safe seed input that it allocates with your handset by means of a QR code. That seed is afterwards encoded on both ends with the present time to produce a latest code in every 30 seconds. Merely you and the server make out the seed, so an invader cannot envisage what your subsequent verification code will be.
Apart from 2FA, sending SMS using PHP, Java, WordPress, etc. are some other methods of sending SMS and business promotion.

Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Two-factor Authentication- Must have solution for SMBs

Two-factor authentication is a type of authentication where it verifies something you have in place of single factor authentication. In this kind of authentication, there will be a need where you are required to show what you have that the server understands before being verified. There are various 2FA products in the market now and also various kinds of 2FA products. A few of them are OTP Token (SMS services), PKI USB Token, and also Smart Card. All of these hardware will give one more piece of data that is needed for succeeding in the authentication.

Having only single factor, attacker who has your username and password can always verify themselves till you don’t modify your password. It can also help you in stopping any brute force attack on your password. 2FA has already been a great need in any banking organization particularly doing a banking transaction.

Well, even if there are different type of two factor authentication product in market, every type of product works similarly where all through any verification, the user will be needed to give their username, password and the second factor at this time. For OTP 2FA, the second factor is an arbitrary number produced with the device. Whereas for the PKI USB Token, it is to insert the token and create a digital signature on the transaction and then sending it to the server for authentication. Any decisive authentication should not perform if the second factor is not shown.

Friday, 8 September 2017

Employing bulk SMS software for a better business

SMS marketing is one of the best methods to market products or services that are offered by any business. Today businesses rarely depend on conventional media for selling their services. Sending bulk SMS is an economical marketing tool for businesses. In the world of marketing, it is suggested not to be deliberated as if you overlook a chance once, you might not get it again.

The bulk SMS software intends a large number of customers and it can be set up on the systems for reforming the process. If you are to aim at various customers with a sole business SMS, it is not simple to manage things. The SMS software delivers SMS in bulk to numerous audiences within a short period of time. This is why it is significant for a business to understand its clients who can be on the list and obtain the message with a click. This would have otherwise been a complex task.

Via this type of SMS marketing, organizations can save large costs that they would have otherwise had to reimburse the marketing and promotion agencies and be able to send online SMS. The SMS software employs a shortcode that is also called as a short number. Shortcodes are telephone numbers that are moderately smaller than complete telephone numbers and are employed for sending MMS and text messages from the fixed telephones or mobile phones of a definite service provider.

Friday, 18 August 2017

Business houses can send text message online to gain more profitability

Nowadays, mobile phones are the most broadly employed gadgets. They have made various tasks of people easier. The attributes of the mobile phones are very complicated that prove highly advantageous for a number of people and organizations. Today, the scope of mobile phones has significantly grown. They are employed for different reasons in addition to just discussion. They have become a mode of communication and interaction for people all over the world. The text SMS services are an instance of how mobile devices have assisted mankind these days.

SMS is an attribute that almost each mobile phone has these days. Businesses can send text message online in case the phone lines are not available. Today, one more method of sending SMS is by using the internet.

These days, marketing has become a demanding task for business houses. Though, there is not much to think about this feature. Businesses can go for SMS service online. By sending SMS online, most of the marketing requirements of business are fulfilled successfully. They are able to create SMSs in bulk amount and send them to a large number of people. SMS gateway plugin for WordPress is another example of online text messages. It includes almost no charges and saves a lot of time for businesses. It takes less time for businesses to create the message and deliver them. This is due to the SMS created on the system in place of the mobile phones.

Saturday, 5 August 2017

Sending international bulk SMS from India

SMS solution is perfect if you want to send out bulk SMS from any system linked to anywhere in the world. Straight integration of SMS gateway is accessible for those who choose their own SMS systems or lists and programs through SMS expansion. Due to International bulk SMS from India the world is now well-connected.

Key Features

  • Online facility is accessible to make groups and contacts.
  • In SMS solution contacts can be simply loaded and SMS for bulk messaging will be traded in.
  • Address will be taken out from text information and Excel sheet by Excel Plugin.
  • To manage bulk amount of data, Excel worksheet can be employed.
  • Acknowledgments can be taken out like a CSV file
  • Complete support for customized sender ID will be given
  • In our radically altered condition, developer APIs has a big use.
  • SMS development can be used for different causes (sending SMS at a specific time)
  • Best SMS or business SMS is easy to get for precedence customers like stockbrokers, commodities, etc.
  • Longcode SMS ability is provided on request.
  • Excel plug-in can be employed to SMS straight from Excel.
  • Approvals are all set for different SMS campaigns.
  • Worldwide text SMS can be simply done and two-factor authentication is also offered.
  • Bulk amount of data can be maintained via free Excel Plug-In software.
  • Prospective SMS campaign can be designed.
  • 24×7 client service is provided.

Monday, 24 July 2017

Bulk SMS India and its Successful Practices

The development of mobile technology in India is getting popular at a fast speed. And, in the present situation of smartphone marketplace, there are lots of smartphone users and even an increasing number is being appended to the list each day. And, with this growing numbers of users, the businesses are also moving ahead for using the advantages of mobile technology. Thus, the SMS marketing has become a portion of almost each business tactics for small, medium, or large size businesses. Before the acceptance of SMS marketing tactic, it has been the most successful tool for marketing and promoting the business to its possible customers.

However, it is not feasible to deliver SMS to a big list of current and prospective customers individually. And, thus, bulk SMS India service started where the business owner can deliver notifications, alert, reminders, or latest updates to a large number of people at the similar time without doing much of manual work to ease the additional process, businesses can also make use of SMS gateway that has an ability to remove the bad network blockades to increasing the efficiency and dependability of the bulk SMS.

All such things establish that the mobile devices have not just been the tool of communication but, the technology had gone beyond the anticipations. As there are diverse types of SMSs like WHMCS SMS, OpenCart SMS, etc., available you can send them by using the best bulk SMS provider.

Thursday, 6 July 2017

Magento SMS Extension to Send Different E-commerce Messages

Online shop owners also have problem in acquiring only one-time shoppers due to unproductive communication with their clients – or as there is no communication by any means. A large number of Internet shops are dependent on Magento, so online shop owners should take benefit of an easy SMS plug-in that can increase their business performance. Also, they are able to sendSMS via Google spreadsheet, as sending SMS through Google spreadsheet helps them in making their sales process easier and effective.

With MagentoSMS extension, you can send the message types given below:

  • Registration verification- Greet your new customers with a warm welcome later than they have effectively listed at your online shop.

  • Checking account activity- Tell your customers of account activity when a sign in or sign out takes place.

  • Completion of purchase- Make your customers finish their purchases with alerts of incomplete shopping carts and send them to checkout page.

  • Order verification- You can show dependability and send order verification message next to a purchase.

  • Thank-you SMSs- Thank your clients for selecting your product or service after their initial purchase.

  • Continuation offers- Show your clients devotion by delivering continuation alerts or assurance prolongation offer for the bought product or service.

  • Warning messages- Presage your clients regarding stock going low and inspire for quick conversion.

  • Sale notifications- Notify customers of attractive discounts and unique offers or alert them when their wish list product goes on rummage sale.