Monday, 18 January 2016

Advantages of bulk messaging for promotion: Ways and Ideas

As we all know, marketing is the most important step for any business house and organisation and they need to find new ways to reach out to people, where they recognize your brand. Transactional SMS have always played a vital role when it came to the promotional tactics and have helped business houses to have a far better reach deeper into the segments. With increasing competition and limited ways to market your brand, Transactional SMS not only opens new ways of communication, but also helps you to maintain it for a longer duration of time.

 If you compare  SMS marketing with the other methods, then no other form of marketing tends to give the same personalized effect as the Transactional SMS because they help in distributing vital information in a much more personal way. Another benefit that you have with the promotional SMS tools is you can be sure that the person has read it, as mobile devices always stay with people and it is highly unlikely that they will ignore any incoming messages.

Gone are the days, when people relied heavily on the traditional ways of advertising and waited a lot to get the response they were looking for. For example, if you have a store and have come up with discount for the season, then all you have to do is to send all your old customers a message for the same and you can be sure many of them coming to the store for additional purchase. If you are going to compare this with say, promotional emails, then there are very slim chances that they will be read by people as compared to the Transactional SMS.Bulk SMS maintains the highest engagement rate as it directly reaches the receiver’s inbox.
So, why it is the best form of marketing? Well, read on.

  • It is within the reach of many business houses; small and big alike.
  • Customers  need to be updated about the latest trend and news and the best way to ensure that they get the information at the right time is using a method that personally reaches to them . SMS is the best option for the same.
  • You have an option to change the plans and the information as per your need and the biggest factor that runs in your favour is that SMS marketing allows you to change the SMS on daily basis. So if you want to convey different information daily, it can be done as Transactional SMS allows you to compose the message on your own.
  • Personalize notifications on the alerts and specific information sent is handled with ease using SMS marketing.

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