Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Top innovative bulk SMS marketing tips

If you think SMS is only for confirmations and announcements, then you are mistaken. Marketing experts are using SMS marketing to improve conversion rates, build loyalty and develop lifelong client relations.

 Many companies today use bulk SMS marketing for making announcements and confirmations, due to one simple reason- everybody has a mobile phone and most people keep it close 24x7. The bulk messaging solution also works as a sidekick to your social media or email marketing campaigns.

Here are some simple yet effective bulk SMS marketing tips:

  • Use texting as your benchmark to reach out to all bases 

Any mobile phone, anywhere in the world, can receive SMS. If you are targeting broad demographic or people internationally, summarize your important offer in 160 characters and send SMS to all. With bulk WordPress SMS plugin you can send messages directly from your website.

  • Use bulk messages to find out which of your clients still engages with your brand 

Clients consider text messages as very personal. So, a simple text saying- “Hi Sam, get up to 75% off on your next order. Use code XXXX.” – can provide huge response rates. It is a great way to keep lists of your customers updated and improve sales.

  • Find out the best time to contact to ultra-customize your communication 

10:00? 07:00? Morning or evening? Every person has its preference for when they can talk comfortably. With text message which tend to be read within minutes, you can find out when a client is most receptive to your message. With Magento SMS gateway integration you can automate your SMS for the best time.

So, when using bulk SMS, keep these marketing tips in mind to get the best results.

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