Monday, 14 November 2016

Use Of Transactional SMS In Retail Sector

Transactional SMS is the procedure for conveying informative messages to your clients. Imperative and private data, alert messages, messages related to banking and the same can be sent with the help of transactional SMS.
The process of sending SMS using java is seen here. The messages can be sent to masses at one point of time with the help of this framework. But this is not at all related to bulk SMS because it is used for various purposes besides saving time. The retail industry makes the use of transactional SMS very often.

What Is A Retail Industry?

The retail industry is the sector where products are sold to clients at fixed prices. Now prices depend on various factors, but they are mainly fixed with the help of demand and supply of products and the type of market. The persons who are involved in the retail industry are known as retailers.

The retailers purchase products from wholesalers at a certain price, and this is the price is known as their cost price. While selling their products in the market, they offer a price which is more than the cost price. This price is known as the sale price. The prices are always fixed in a standard market.

The Promotional SMSs Are Used In The Retail Industry For Various Purposes Such As:

  • Promotion of newly launched products in the market.
  • Sending of attractive offers and discounts on special products, to the clients.
  • Alerting them against frauds.
  • Sending them confirmation messages regarding delivery of products.

Thus the retail industry makes good use of SMS services.

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