Thursday, 1 December 2016

Magento SMS Plugin for Sending Notifications on Different Events

Bring the ease of SMS customer service, marketing and branding to Magento, with Magento SMS plugin. It has been produced from scratch to offer the final SMS solution for merchants looking to both integrate and increase the power of Magento to their mobile tactics.

By using the best Magento SMS Plugin you can

1. Work with Magento Multi Store and Multi Website
2. Automatically send alerts or notifications to your clients' mobile
3. Confirm that you have suitable contact number
4. Have configurable SMS per Magento transactional template

Benefits of Magento SMS Plugin for Merchant

  • Merchant gets an SMS alert after order is successfully placed.
  • Allow the admin to insert more than one number for getting the SMS.
  • This plugin allows merchant to send SMS alert to customer about their order status.
  • This plugin keeps customers updated about the present order status via SMS notification. So, the business levels get improved.
  • Due to SMS alert module, customer gets trust in your business and sales level gets enhanced.
  • If you do not want the SMS function for the time being, then you can stop extension by yourself.
  • Send SMS to customers on definite order status changes.
  • Get alerts with SMS about new orders.
  • Send single messages to your customers
  • Fast set-up: download, install and send bulk SMS.
  • Wide-reaching coverage.
  • No integration and setup costs, pay per-SMS with credit.
  • Usage and cost checking

If you are looking for Magento SMS API or plugin, then MSG91 Magento SMS Extension is one of the best option available.

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