Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Use bulk SMS for college to improve student organization communication

Student organization communication is essential for its success and important for campus life. Student organizations and clubs at college campuses countrywide can use SMS in many ways to interact with members and work for the campus as well as local community.

Here are a few ways you can use bulk SMS for colleges

General information and news

Bulk SMS is a very useful way for sending general information and news to members. If your team receives any recognition or accomplishes something great, you can inform all the team members about the same with informative bulk SMS.

Team building

Team building exercises are an effective way to learn to work as a team as well as have fun at the same time. Like, colleges conduct annual treasure hunt so students can meet each other as well as learn about their new college. With the help of Magento SMS extension you can easily inform about such events.
Event information

Text messages for colleges are an effective way to inform present student organization about upcoming events. Informative bulk SMS can be sent or changes about event schedule can be shared.


During the time of recruitment, student organizations can post banners around college premises with SMS for more details prompts. So, the interested students can SMS a keyword say 55667 and receive more information immediately. Once they subscribe for more information, you can share more details about upcoming recruitments.

So, waste no more time thinking that whether or not to use bulk SMS for colleges and start using them today for better communication.

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