Thursday, 16 February 2017

Woocommerce SMS- A Powerful Marketing Method for Your Online Business

Woocommerce SMS is a widespread and powerful module that allows you to send text messages to your customers or administrators all through different events in your WooCommerce store.

Increase customer service & inform customers through SMS to set up a higher level of trust. Intensify the relationship with your customers and develop powerful customer trustworthiness by using SMS marketing. Trustworthy customers have a tendency to shop more. And, they will often suggest your online shop to others.

You can provide administrators with the advantage of quick access to information through text messages, even if they are at computer or not.

With Woocommerce SMS you can send text messages all over the world. The cost of the SMS is based on the recipient country, chosen sender type and the amount of payment.
SMS gateway price for your Woocommerce store may vary as per your business requirement.

Key features
  •  Customer and admin SMS alert all through different events in WooCommerce
  • Multiple admin support
  • SMS marketing with highly developed filter choice
  • Sending bulk SMS from an Excel sheet
  • SMS history
  • Information or statistics
  • SMS settings for every country
  • Credit account management straight from the module

Notification through SMS makes sure of effective transmission of data and your customers will be notified quickly, particularly those who do not have unending access to the Internet and emails.

Text messages are always sent to its addressee, opposite to an e-mail which can be regarded SPAM.

Some customers get lots of e-mails to their inbox every day and can thus easily fail to notice your emails. But, text messages or SMS are always read!

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