Thursday, 16 March 2017

Trigger and Send Services for Conditional Messaging

Time has moved a lot. And, you should not at all settle down with conventional platforms that offers no better or quick conversion. You should explore compendious triggered provisional messaging that quickly acts to improving the income of B2C platforms. Bulk SMS software allows triggering SMS on the basis of email campaign. Get initiated now for getting the most out of trigger SMS.

Triggered SMS alerts to email non-openers

By sending triggered SMS to email non-openers, you can change your not engaged email leads to customers. With trigger and send service you can flawlessly get to email non-openers. All you have to do is fix the time limit for the subscribers letting them to go through the email, and start sending the triggered messages to the non-openers who have not gone through the email all through the pre-decided time limit.

Triggered SMS notifications to not engaged email openers

This goes with the email openers who have not clicked yet. Having a highly developed analytics synchronized with the platform, you can simply assess who have not clicked on opened emails yet, and send them listed customized short SMSs to bring them in appointment.

Triggered SMS notification to those who left cart

This would almost certainly be the best stake for you. Here, you can trigger cart desertion SMSs to those who have left the cart with partial purchase. You may even think about to follow up the lead with special offers to finish the purchase.

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