Wednesday, 12 April 2017

How to add data to a Google Sheet from Webhook?

You can use a webhook to develop a strong bridge between a definite app and a Google Spreadsheet. If the app you are working with agrees to webhooks, simply add that URL to that app to deliver data involuntarily to a new Google Spreadsheet row.
How it works?
  1. The webhook grabs data in app
  2. Trigger and Send involuntarily sends that data to a Google Spreadsheet
What you will require
  • An application that takes webhooks
  • A Google Docs account
  • A Trigger and Send account
Webhooks just POST data (or JSON) to a particular URL every time we go through something new. Webhooks can also take data (or JSON) to start a workflow in Trigger and Send.
Google Sheets is a new Google Spreadsheets software. Google Sheets is present on all your devices and has all the attributes you come to anticipate from spreadsheet software. Sheets also permit you to work together with others in real-time.
You do not need to copy each spreadsheet to update yourself. Set up this Google Sheets-Webhook incorporation to have Trigger and Send deal with that as an alternative: This will activate whenever you renew a row on Webhook in Google Sheet, involuntarily making a POST with the row's texts to any webhook URL you require.
How it works?
  1. A row is well-run on Google Sheets
  2. Trigger and Send will connect Google Sheet to any cloud application via Webhook
What do you require?
  • An account for Google sheets.

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