Monday, 15 May 2017

Contact form 7 data export to Excel

Since the beginning of the internet, it’s a general practice to include a contact us page for a website. Even if a website is just for the marketing of the product or for selling online products, it will need contact us page, by which any website user could simply go to the website owner. Diverse CMS has diverse methods of attaining this. But, one thing is the same no issue what the CMS or platform is, and that is, how can you reach to the people who have communicated with you.

As Contact Form 7 by now offers you the ability to get an email on form acquiescence, you require something to set off it by accumulating the information into database as well. You may ask why would somebody require doing Contact form 7 export to Excel? And, there can be different answers for that

1. Emails are not completely dependable and responsible. It may get late or get into spam for some cause; even nastiest, you do not obtain it in any way in some situations.

2. If your business is getting lots of inquiries each month, envisage the quantity of emails you require going through everyday, just to get the right one. And, this to be accomplished every time.

3. You cannot export any leads that you can fill into CSV or PDF for future reference. Google sheet to SMS is another form of exporting data.

Thus, these and various other questions can be simply answered.

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