Thursday, 6 July 2017

Magento SMS Extension to Send Different E-commerce Messages

Online shop owners also have problem in acquiring only one-time shoppers due to unproductive communication with their clients – or as there is no communication by any means. A large number of Internet shops are dependent on Magento, so online shop owners should take benefit of an easy SMS plug-in that can increase their business performance. Also, they are able to sendSMS via Google spreadsheet, as sending SMS through Google spreadsheet helps them in making their sales process easier and effective.

With MagentoSMS extension, you can send the message types given below:

  • Registration verification- Greet your new customers with a warm welcome later than they have effectively listed at your online shop.

  • Checking account activity- Tell your customers of account activity when a sign in or sign out takes place.

  • Completion of purchase- Make your customers finish their purchases with alerts of incomplete shopping carts and send them to checkout page.

  • Order verification- You can show dependability and send order verification message next to a purchase.

  • Thank-you SMSs- Thank your clients for selecting your product or service after their initial purchase.

  • Continuation offers- Show your clients devotion by delivering continuation alerts or assurance prolongation offer for the bought product or service.

  • Warning messages- Presage your clients regarding stock going low and inspire for quick conversion.

  • Sale notifications- Notify customers of attractive discounts and unique offers or alert them when their wish list product goes on rummage sale.

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