Saturday, 5 August 2017

Sending international bulk SMS from India

SMS solution is perfect if you want to send out bulk SMS from any system linked to anywhere in the world. Straight integration of SMS gateway is accessible for those who choose their own SMS systems or lists and programs through SMS expansion. Due to International bulk SMS from India the world is now well-connected.

Key Features

  • Online facility is accessible to make groups and contacts.
  • In SMS solution contacts can be simply loaded and SMS for bulk messaging will be traded in.
  • Address will be taken out from text information and Excel sheet by Excel Plugin.
  • To manage bulk amount of data, Excel worksheet can be employed.
  • Acknowledgments can be taken out like a CSV file
  • Complete support for customized sender ID will be given
  • In our radically altered condition, developer APIs has a big use.
  • SMS development can be used for different causes (sending SMS at a specific time)
  • Best SMS or business SMS is easy to get for precedence customers like stockbrokers, commodities, etc.
  • Longcode SMS ability is provided on request.
  • Excel plug-in can be employed to SMS straight from Excel.
  • Approvals are all set for different SMS campaigns.
  • Worldwide text SMS can be simply done and two-factor authentication is also offered.
  • Bulk amount of data can be maintained via free Excel Plug-In software.
  • Prospective SMS campaign can be designed.
  • 24×7 client service is provided.

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