Monday, 7 May 2018

Magento SMS gateway integration- The best method to send messages from Magento website

Magento is an e-commerce platform used by the world's foremost brands to increase online trade. Magento is open source e-commerce software employed to control various online stores. MSG91 Magento SMS gateway integration extension allows the attribute of delivering alert message to Magento group of people and Magento venture edition.

Magento SMS gateway

 Magento message module configuration:

* Deliver messages when a particular order is placed.
* Administration alert messages on order placement.
* Deliver messages when order position is fixed to embrace.
* Deliver messages when order position is fixed to unhold.
* Deliver messages when a product order is terminated.
* Administration notification messages when position is fixed to shipment.
* Send messages when order position is fixed to shipment.

Set up Magento message module, arrange API input, sender identity from administration region and it would incorporate SMS attributes into your Magento store without charge. When a product order is positioned, shipped or position modified you may verify with your clients and/or store administrator through an SMS delivered straight to their mobile device.

If you run a Magento store and looking to apply SMS campaign solutions, you may request for a Magento message module from MSG91. This extension permits store holders to deliver text messages to their clients directly through their existing platforms. This extension incorporates with the most important messaging platforms in delivering messages. This would ensure all messages are delivered to clients accurately and immediately.

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